Getting people out on the water - Syracuse should reconnect with its waterfront. This City was built around water, and we have miles and miles of creeks, canals, and lakefront where people can get in touch with Syracuse’s maritime side. One way to make that happen is to just make our various waterfronts more accessible—give people public space next to the water, … Continue reading Getting people out on the water
A Waterfront City - Water created Syracuse. Natural springs brought salt up from underground deposits to briny pools on the surface. Onondaga Creek powered a sawmill that turned trees into the lumber that built the early village. The Erie Canal turned the little settlement at the corner of Genesee and Salina into a city. This is a maritime town. … Continue reading A Waterfront City
The price of delay - Now that it’s clear that I-81 is coming down, the viaduct’s supporters have adopted a new tactic: delay. They’re done trying to influence the final outcome of the project—compare the in-depth 2-year tunnel analysis to the half-assed Skyway proposal—and they are instead trying to hold it off as long as possible. The Mall has hired … Continue reading The price of delay
False hope for the viaduct - Assemblymember Bill Magnarelli just wrote an op-ed arguing that we can’t move forward with the I-81 project until there’s consensus. This is wrong, and we need to move past the false hope that the I-81 project can possibly please everybody. The Assemblymember pointed to widespread criticism of the recently release Draft Environmental Impact Statement as … Continue reading False hope for the viaduct
Neighborhood-Level Population Change - Since the 2000 census, the total number of people living in Syracuse has remained remarkably stable. From 146,070 people in 2000 to 145,170 in 2010 to 146,620 in 2020, the City’s topline population figure has never moved more than 2.4% between censuses, and the most recent count is within 1.7% of the 2000 count. But … Continue reading Neighborhood-Level Population Change