Get Rid of ReZone’s Apartment Bans - City Hall’s ReZone project is an opportunity to unmake the mistakes that have made Syracuse into a segregated city. That will require change, though, because the new zoning map is drawn in such a way that it will entrench inequality and exacerbate the disparities between the City’s neighborhoods. To see how, look at Census Tract … Continue reading Get Rid of ReZone’s Apartment Bans
Finding Space for Social Distancing - Coronavirus has put space at a premium. A lot of the places where we gather weren’t set up for people to keep six feet apart from each other. Packing into crowded restaurants, churches, arenas, or malls just won’t work the way it used to, and if those businesses and institutions are going to work at … Continue reading Finding Space for Social Distancing
The Recipe for BRT - The recipe for good public transportation is simple: (1) run lots of buses (2) in straight lines (3) that connect lots of people (4) to the places where they want to go. Do that, and people will ride. The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council followed that recipe when it designed two new crosstown bus rapid transit … Continue reading The Recipe for BRT
Trolley Tracks and Bus Lines - I used to catch the 58 bus at Burnet and Teall. In my head, this was the Burnet Ave bus—Burnet’s a big street, it’s one of the few that stretches from Downtown all the way out to the city line, and the 58 does run straight along its eastern half from Beech Street to Thompson … Continue reading Trolley Tracks and Bus Lines
Abolish the Sales Tax - Sales taxes are no way to fund a government. They create all kinds of weird incentives that make City Hall do all kinds of weird things, and—as the current crisis shows—they leave local government helpless just when we need it the most. Local governments like sales taxes because they’re easy to charge on non-voters. That … Continue reading Abolish the Sales Tax