Free to Choose the Bus - People ride Centro when it’s the most practical option for getting where they want to go. Problem is, Centro’s not a very practical option for getting to work in a lot of the County, so a lot of people who don’t own cars miss out on a lot of opportunities for employment. Instead of just … Continue reading Free to Choose the Bus
Walking to the Market - It was 5 degrees Saturday morning, but people still walked to the Farmers Market. They put up with the cold, the unsafe streets, and the snow-covered sidewalks because the Market provides access to good cheap food, and because Saturday’s weather was too common to change anybody’s weekly routine. And if people were willing to walk … Continue reading Walking to the Market
The Case for Regional Rail - Central New York’s villages and cities are all places where people can live cheaply and easily without the need for a car. They are places where daily necessities are within walking distance, places with a variety of kinds of housing, places where full participation in the community’s economic and social life is possible for people … Continue reading The Case for Regional Rail
Apartments Go Up and Rents Come Down - Two new residential projects planned for Downtown’s eastern edge indicate that developers may have finally run out of tenants willing and able to pay $2,000 a month to live in the city center, and now they’re building more affordable apartments. For a full decade, this didn’t feel possible. Every single new apartment project got a … Continue reading Apartments Go Up and Rents Come Down
Getting to the Train Station - You arrive in Syracuse on a brand new high speed train. The trip back from Buffalo was less than 90 minutes—way faster than the 2 and a quarter hours it used to take before New York State built high speed rail. You caught up on some tv on the ride and are ready to get … Continue reading Getting to the Train Station