Making James Street Better - When a car ran over 13-year-old Zyere Jackson on James Street his mother called it a ‘freak accident.’ It wasn’t. Cars regularly run into things and people on that street, and every day sees dozens of near-misses. People keep trying to walk across it, bike along it, and drive on it, though, because it’s the … Continue reading Making James Street Better
Transit is not a Tool of Social Control - At its best, public transportation expands access to opportunity, but recent local examples show how it can also be used to do the exact opposite. Instead of creating a transit system that gives its riders more choices, options, and freedom, people with power have tried to use transit as a tool of social control. Take … Continue reading Transit is not a Tool of Social Control
We Shouldn’t Widen Highways in the Suburbs Either - This week it came out that NYSDOT wants to take land away from people living in Cicero and the outskirts Syracuse in order to widen 481 as part of the plan to get the viaduct out of Downtown. That’s bad. Highways are loud, they’re ugly, and they blacken people’s lungs. People who live next to … Continue reading We Shouldn’t Widen Highways in the Suburbs Either
The Very Idea of a New Neighborhood - Tired of taking on Syracuse’s seemingly intractable problems, a lot of people in positions of power throw their hands up and say ‘let’s just start over.’ Segregation, poverty, and exclusion are all so systemic in so much of the City, and depopulation and deindustrialization have combined to leave so much cheap empty land, that it … Continue reading The Very Idea of a New Neighborhood
Bike Lanes in Winter - A lot of people are concerned that Syracuse is wasting its time making the streets safe for bikes. ‘It snows here,’ they say, ‘three months of the year no one’s going to be on a bike.’ This do-nothing stance treats bikes as recreation, and it treats all the people who ride them as fitness buffs. … Continue reading Bike Lanes in Winter