BRT and the Suburbs - Bus Rapid Transit—a service model that makes the buses run faster and more frequently—works best when lots of people can live within walking distance of just a few bus stations. That’s why SMTC’s plan for two BRT lines stays pretty much within the City of Syracuse—City neighborhoods have the necessary population density to support quality … Continue reading BRT and the Suburbs
Missing Links in the Bike Network - Syracuse’s many hills funnel most car traffic onto the few streets that follow level routes across town. Genesee, Geddes, Salina, Erie—these major streets knit the city together. That works fine for people driving cars, but it’s terrible for people riding bikes because the huge amount of car traffic on those streets makes them dangerous for … Continue reading Missing Links in the Bike Network
Updating Syracuse’s Bike Plan - The Syracuse Bicycle Plan has been collecting dust since it was published in 2012. The 109-page document is part of City Hall’s comprehensive plan, and it includes specific recommendations for a citywide network of infrastructure improvements that would make it safer, easier, and more comfortable to ride a bike across town. There’s been some progress … Continue reading Updating Syracuse’s Bike Plan
Dirt Bikes and Traffic Violence - City Hall’s “crackdown” on dirt bikes and ATVs demonstrates how an overreliance on policing can crowd out more effective methods of achieving public safety. The crackdown—an annual Spring event—includes more officers patrolling city neighborhoods trying to ticket or tow dirt bikes and ATVs. Why this specific class of vehicles? As Mayor Walsh put it, “The … Continue reading Dirt Bikes and Traffic Violence
Building out BRT - Bus Rapid Transit—a set of service and infrastructure improvements that makes buses run faster and more frequently—is Syracuse’s best opportunity to improve the City’s public transportation network because it’s much simpler and easier to expand BRT than either rail or traditional bus service. To see why, look at Syracuse’s planned BRT system. Right now, it’s … Continue reading Building out BRT