Alternative Centro Schedules

In order for transit to meet a variety of peoples’ daily needs, its service must be both regular and frequent. Regular service makes runs throughout the whole day, and those runs are all separated by similar lengths of time. Frequent service makes many runs in a day, and those runs are all separated by short lengths of time. When service is both regular and frequent, people can rely on the bus to run when they need it,

Very few of Centro’s bus routes offer regular frequent service. For people relying on a single irregular or infrequent bus route, it can take hours to get across town for work, appointments, or errands.

Fortunately, many places in the City of Syracuse are within walking distance of multiple bus routes. Because all routes terminate at Centro’s downtown transit hub, and because most riders are trying to get to Downtown Syracuse, places within walking distance of multiple routes enjoy service that is regular and frequent.  People living in these places can rely on transit to meet their daily needs.

The following schedules show how people living in specific places can use multiple bus routes in order to meet daily transit needs:

Southside (S Salina and Colvin)

Northside (Grant and Bear)

Northside (Butternut Circle)

West Side (W Genesee and Milton)

Valley (S Salina at Green Hills Farms)